There was no doubt that Incredibles 2 was going to be a box office hit. In just a single weekend, Incredibles 2 made an incredible collection of $180 million, which makes it the most successful animated film opening of all time, an honor that was previously held by another Pixar film, Finding Dory (which made $135 million in 2016). Here are the top 5 moments from The Incredible that will tell show you why it's one of the greatest animated movie ever made. 

5.  The Interview scene

This pre documentary style intro scene is definitely a fun way to start the movie.

4.  Where is My Super-suit?

Who can forget this epic hilarious super-suit scene from the movie, especially when it's dubbed by Samuel L. Jackson.

3.  Dash running on water

The chase scene where Dash and Violet are running through the jungle from a ball and Dash finds out that he can run on water. Typical superhero origin scene.

2.  No Capes scene of Edna

Ah, the great famous scene of Edna.. where she explains why a superhero suit shouldn't have capes.

1.  The Incredibles & Frozone vs Robot

And finally 'The Incredible' fighting scene at the climax.