Graphic design is a skill of combining images to convert imagination to reality and this is not an easy task. But If it comes to passion, it also a lot of fun to create the great masterpiece. An unknown guy who calls himself an unknown actor who put himself into almost all Oscar nominated movies poster with his great designing skills. He not only put himself into poster but also does excellent work to include his version of the story with spectacular Hollywood actors. That guy has the proof of his creativity on the social account @thatguyinthemovies why people seem to adore his talent and comic presentation.   Have a look at his magical Photoshop fest where he mystically appears in Oscar-nominated movie posters.

1. That guy enjoying ice-cream with dance performance.

2. Just a normal meeting with Mr. Joker.

3. LOL.. Fat Superman 🤣🤣

4. Don't worry Logan, I'm here to help with my homemade claws!

5. I tried to warn him.

6. That Guy wondering, "What's a plane going to do to stop an alien spaceship?"

7. What are you all laughing about?

8. Just a hidden figure.. get it?

9. Just feeding the seagulls by the Sea in Manchester.

10. No it's okay you two dance, I'll

11. In the history of The Grand Budapest Hotel, That guy had a cool name.

12. Waiting for the bus with Forrest Gump


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