These quotes and one-liners from Friends have made their way into pop culture and, although the show ended in 2004, will probably live on forever. From Joey's "How you doing?" to Ross's "Pivot!", the show is filled with amazing one-liners.

Here are some amazing moments from Friends that'll remind you why exactly you fell in love with it in the first place:

1. Joey Unisex Joke

Joey Unisex Joke

2. Fat Monica

Fat Monica

3. Phoebe being Phoebe

Phoebe and Precious

4. Rachel and Ross

Rachel and Ross

5. Chandler's Father

Chandler's Father

6. Joey Looking 19

Joey Looking 19

7. Joey Holding his breath

Joey Holding his breath

8. Clueless Joey

Clueless Joey

9. Baby kangaroo tribbiani

Baby kangaroo tribbiani Friends Meme

10. Ross's Sandwich

Ross's Sandwich Friends Meme

11. Joey's Stupidity

Joey's Stupidity Friends Meme

12. Joey's Not Caring Face

Joey's Not Caring Face Friends Meme

13. Chandler's Sun Sarcasm

Chandler's Sun Sarcasm Friends Meme

14. Sarcastic Chandler

Sarcastic Chandler Friends Meme

15. Kathy and Chandler

Kathy and ChandlerFriends Meme

16. Gunther's Porsche Sarcasm

Gunther's Porsche Sarcasm Friends Meme

17. Monica and Chandler's Baby

Monica and Chandler's Baby Friends Meme

18. Friends Last Scene

Friends Last Scene Friends Meme