As humans, we tend to think we hold the monopoly in being cool, crazy, calm, and composed, all at the same time. In short, being lit AF... but that ain't so. 

The subreddit, Nature is fucking lit has kick-ass photos of just nature being its usual scintillating self that prove we humans can never match.

1. Look into my eyes... or dance on my head, anyway, I'm pretty cool.

2. I'll have a side of blood with my diet tonight! (These Chinese water deer are also referred to as 'Vampire Deer'). 

3. *I'm dying due to the cuteness on display here.*

4. This IS the most ambitious crossover. Lightning meet lava meet storm!

5. You hunt it, I eat it - they don't call it 'survival of the fittest' for nothing.

6. Not even your parents can do the 'disappointed in you' look better than this Shoebill.

7. Art attack... actually, art in attack!

8. This is why colorful is always cute.

9. Nature really is damn near perfect.

10. That's an albino crocodile. Like, wow!!

11. The mighty start young.

12. There is no such thing as the perfect ro...

13. Did I say you could take my picture?

14. That is not a computer-generated image, that's just a Hoya wax flower. 

15. Nope, that's not apainting. That's Cerro Torre Mountain.

16. Just flexing those muscles, trying to impress the girls, keeping it casual! 

17. I reckon that plant belongs in Jumanji.

18. Translucent? I thought you said magnificent!

19. This lake is lit AF, literally! This was lava spewing out of Fissure 8 at 26,000 gallons per minute at the Big Island, Hawaii.

20. The tiger wanted to be clicked looking natural and not posed. 

21. Yes, that's a flower. No, it is not photoshopped. What do you think this photo is for, a magazine cover page shoot?