Though we live in a world where everything required for a comfortable life is fairly easy to find, still there's always room for some more innovations. Any invention that makes life easier is surely bound to be popular among people.

Here're some simple and maybe weird inventions that could make everyone's life easier:

1) This pile of chocolate bars at the airport is like a bar graph of how people feel about being at the airport.

2) This miniature world for testing out your new camera.

3) Fire exit signs in case you're crawling to avoid smoke.

4) This elevator has a light up meter that shows you how close to weight capacity it is.

5) This solar panel built into the bench can charge your device. So enjoy the view in evening and play games at night.

6) For those who are lazy and always forget to change the toilet roll.

7) One heck of a basket design.

8) This airport has an indoor airplane for children to play in while waiting for their flights

9) This restaurant has menu stands with built-in chargers in the base.

10) Really convenient plug design.

11) This part of the VR interaction system captures hand motion and has a promising future in surgery.

12) USB chargers installed in bus handrails. Really convenient when you're traveling.

13) Magnifying glass for those who can’t read the small prints.

14) A 24/7 pharmacy vending machine with all the necessary drugs.

15) Mango slice that also pits the mango at the same time.

16) This elevator has an additional alarm button at the bottom in case you can’t get up.

17) This park has a mush'Room' with all sorts of childrens' books.

18) The ceiling in this surgery waiting room has a fake skylight on it.

19) This magical pill bottle lid can tell you the last time you opened it.

20) This "wet floor" sign will surely catch your attention.