This animation of the Grim Reaper, cloaked in a sinister red robe, over the Golden Gate Bridge has freaked out the internet. The video went viral within 24 hours and now has more than 13.6 million views on Instagram since last Tuesday.

Artist Justin Leduc posted this realistic rendering animation of  'Grim Reaper' figure towering over the Golden Gate Bridge on 24 July 2018. What makes this video more creepy, is the light rain that falls across the gloomy landscape throughout this short video. 

"This is so cool and so creepy," commented Instagram user @lalita02412. 

"OMG THATS COOL AND CREEPY AT THE SAME TIME BUT I LOVE IT," another user (@millstr78) said.

Just imagine what would've happened if it turned out to be real. We hope someone recreates this scene in movies.😉