One thing everyone knows about Stan Lee is that he is popular for making cameos in almost every live-action Marvel movie. But this Marvel Comic Legend is switching sides to make an unexpected cameo in an upcoming DC animated movie. The movie that he'll be a part of is called "Teen Titans GO! to the Movies".

This news came out of San Deigo Comic-Con (via GameSpot), which actually screened "Teen Titans Go! To The Movies" in its entirety. That screening revealed a surprise role for Stan Lee.

According to GameSpot:

Lee pops up, letting everyone know he's there to make his standard superhero movie cameo. And while, at first glance, you may be wondering which voice actor is approximating the iconic figure, that's the Spider-Man co-creator himself poking fun at his constant appearances in a variety of comic book films.

This is the second time that Lee has made a cameo in an animated film. The first one was for Marvel's Big Hero that came out in 2014. Although Stan Lee doesn't have strong connections with the DC Universe, he has actually written some DC comics in the past.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is loaded with meta jokes about a variety of other superhero films, poking fun at the MCU, the X-Men and Deadpool, and it takes a lot of shots at DC Entertainment's own big screen properties.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies casting include Tara Strong (as Raven), Will Arnett (Deathstroke), Nicolas Cage (Superman), Jimmy Kimmel (Batman), Halsey (Wonder Woman) and of course the Comic Legend Stan Lee. The Movie is set to release in theaters on 27, July 2018.

Here is the official trailer for the Movie: