Using the FaceApp, someone transformed Marvel actors into women, revealing how these famous actors would look like as a female. The results are fascinating and funny, some look really attractive while other looks either weird or same. 

Here are 21 fan-made female versions of Marvel actors that will blow your minds:

1. Chris Evans

Wait.. what.. How

Chris Evans Female

2. Robert Downey Jr.

It's just weird and funny.

Robert Downey Jr. Female

3. Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth Female

4. Tom Hiddleston

Just Loki doing his tricks... Now he has turned himself into Scarlet Witch.

Tom Hiddleston Female

5. Mark Ruffalo

Lol, he looks like a teenage girl.

Mark Ruffalo Female

6. Tom Holland

It's just weird and almost the same.

Tom Holland Female

7. Chris Pratt


Chris Evans Female

8. Bradley Cooper

Was expecting a female Raccoon.

Bradley Cooper Female

9. Vin Diesel

White chicks?

Vin Diesel Female

10. Hugh Jackman

Just perfect.

Hugh Jackman Female

11. Ryan Reynolds

Isn't that Blake Lively?

Ryan Reynolds Female

12. Michael B. Jordan

I have no words... Wakanda Forever I guess.

Michael B. Jordan Female

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

Lmao, what is this?

Benedict Cumberbatch Female

14. Jeremy Renner

Natalie Dormer?

Jeremy Renner Female

15. Paul Bettany

He looks like 90's actress.

Paul Bettany Female

16. Paul Rudd

This is just funny.

Paul Rudd Female

17. Ian McKellen

Umm... Pass

Ian McKellen Female

18. Sebastian Stan

Well you know it's Sebastian Stan after all.

Sebastian Stan Female

19. Dave Bautista

Sorry for the invisible picture.

Dave Bautista Female

20. Josh Brolin

Ummm... No Comments.

Josh Brolin Female

21. Chadwick Boseman


Chris Evans Female

Image Credits:Bored Panda